Need to Translate a Foreign Language Document?

Most of us wish that we can speak a foreign language, at least two foreign languages. However, most of us just do not have the gift of learning foreign languages easily. Times like this you need to hire to do the translation for you. This is especially made difficult if the documents you need to translate are of legal nature.  There are numerous individual translators out there and translation agencies. How do you which one is the best? How do you know which one will give you the… Continue reading

Marketing a Translation Services Company

If you have a sound marketing strategy, your business has better chances of surviving and even becoming very successful. This applies to all types of businesses, including translation services. The translation service industry is flooded with agencies, as well as individuals, who are offering almost the same services at almost similar rates. How will you get your customers or clients to notice you? How will you set apart from the rest? If you are in a field where there are probably hundreds which are also offering the same services… Continue reading

Leave your Translation Project in Good Hands

Have you ever been in a position when you needed to hire somebody for your translation project, but you have absolutely no idea who to choose? One of the mistakes which you would not want to commit is hiring a poor translator. Somebody without the credentials, experience and expertise can ruin your entire project. If the project is translated wrong or if it is not submitted on time, disaster can happen. Dos If a translator does something good or bad, you can be certain you will hear or know… Continue reading

Choosing a Translation Service Wisely

Companies and individuals who seek translation services are often buying blind. They are unaware of what exactly they are getting, especially when they are buying service for a language which is other than their own. Remember that translations are not born equal. Anyone with experience can attest the horror, amusement and confusion which come with a poorly done translation. The price of bad translations Bad translations can vary. There are some translations which are a little bad, some are quite bad and others are just downright the worst. The… Continue reading

A Practical Guide to Choosing Interpreting Services

International deals are brokered on a daily basis and international meetings are conducted on a daily basis too. This poses a lot of problems because it is quite difficult for people of different nationalities to understand one another when they do not speak English. To avoid misinterpretations and confusion, interpretation services are necessary. Discussions will be translated to other languages so that there is no need for participants or people involved in the meetings to study a new language. Although the position of interpreter is not legally protected and… Continue reading