Legal Translation

The Qualities of a Good Court Interpreter

The court interpreter plays a very important role. This is why in most countries court interpreters need to take tests to become recognized and certified. The interpreter helps their clients speak and answer questions and at the same time represent to the people who are in attendance. The testimony of a witness can dictate the outcome of the case and when not interpreted correctly, it means a decision which is not favorable. Court interpretation and how it works Court interpretation works in two ways, via executive interpreting or simultaneous… Continue reading

Need Help with Legal Translation?

Legal translation is the translation of legal documents such as contracts, trademarks, patents, letters of credit, affidavits, depositions, legal certifications and agreements between two parties. It is anything which is used in the legal system. The list of legal documents is endless and if you need them translated to another language, you need to hire specialists which have the right credentials and a lengthy experience in the field. So when do legal documents need translation? It is whenever and wherever it is needed by the courts for legal matters.… Continue reading