The Different Types of Translation

Translation has evolved and the industry has grown. Today, there is more than just a single type of translation and there are now certain terms used to label translation which does not fall under the general category. 
If you are thinking of hiring an agency to help you translate text or document, it is a must to determine what kind of translation you need exactly so that you can get value for your money. Here is a brief guide to introduce you to the more familiar terms used in translation today.
Computer translation
Computer translations refer to translations which are aided by software. Today, there are numerous software online, both free and paid which can be used to translate documents or text. It is also the translation of any document or text which has to do with computers such as manuals, software and files.
Administrative translation
This is the translation of administrative documents. This covers a very broad scope but in translation it refers to common documents which businesses as well as organizations peruse on a daily basis. It can also refer to texts with are used in government.
Financial translation
This is the translation of texts which has something to do with finance. It can be anything from accounting, management and banking. It can also be documents which has something to do with bonds and stocks.
Commercial translation
This is the translation of any document which is used in business. It can be tender documents, company accounts, reports and many more. This type of translation requires specialist translators which have knowledge of terminology used in the business world.
General translation
This is the simplest and most sought after type of translation. General texts refer to any language which uses layman’s terms. There is no specific terminology needed and there is no specific technical aspect to adhere to when translating documents.
Economic translation
This type of translation is similar to business or commercial translation. The only difference is that it uses more specific economic terms in the translation of the documents. Texts like this tend to be more academic in nature.

Literary translation
This is the translation of literary works such as plays, poems, novels and short stories. This is considered by experts to be the highest form of translation. It involves more than just translating text. It involves feelings, cultural nuances and other subtle elements. There are even some people who believe that literary translations are not possible at all.
Legal translation
This is the translation of legal documents and uses highly technical legal terms. This type of translation will require the attention of specialists and it is important for the translator to have an excellent understanding of the target cultures and source.
Medical translation
This type of translation is broad and covers anything in the medical field. It can be the translation of manuals for medical equipments and medical books. This also requires specialist attention because a slight mistranslation can bring about grave consequences such as death.