Leave your Translation Project in Good Hands

Have you ever been in a position when you needed to hire somebody for your translation project, but you have absolutely no idea who to choose? One of the mistakes which you would not want to commit is hiring a poor translator. Somebody without the credentials, experience and expertise can ruin your entire project. If the project is translated wrong or if it is not submitted on time, disaster can happen.
If a translator does something good or bad, you can be certain you will hear or know about it nowadays. The digital age has made it easier for people’s voices to be heard. If someone is not pleased with a service, you can bet on it that he or she will write a review about it online. If the service is good, you will also be able to find good reviews online.
One thing which you want to do to ensure that you leave your project with someone who is up to the task is by looking up a specific translator online and read reviews and feedback about their translation services. If a translator has a lot of negative reviews, you should think twice about hiring him or her.
If you are selling your product in the international market, you must realize that the foreign press will be reviewing your products or services. Your manuals should be made with quality. Poor or non-existent translations will hurt your business. The way your manuals are translated and the way your product is packaged are excellent promotional endorsements which money cannot buy.
It is best to seek an agency which understands your industry, what you are offering and just how big the competition your business faces on a global scale. Translations specialists and not generalists are highly recommended.
Never use an agency which requires software to do the translation for them. Although some may claim that they are up to 99% accurate, they are not to be relied on. If you are going to pay someone to use software to translate your document, you are just wasting your money. You might as well just use the software and not pay anyone to do it for you.
Do not allow distributors to handle the translation for you without your involvement. If you do allow distributors to handle translation for you, you must ask them where they find their personnel; what their qualifications are; if they have done translations for other people in the past; and what their accreditations are.
Do not agree to a pay per-unit percentage for your translations. This is tantamount to paying a high interest rate.
Translations should never be based on poorly written materials. If the text you desire to be translated is already poorly written, what can you expect from the translated text? It is extremely difficult and even impossible to produce a well written translation from text which is verbose or confusing. The original text must be clear and concise in order for the agency to produce an excellent translation.