Need to Translate a Foreign Language Document?

Most of us wish that we can speak a foreign language, at least two foreign languages. However, most of us just do not have the gift of learning foreign languages easily. Times like this you need to hire to do the translation for you. This is especially made difficult if the documents you need to translate are of legal nature. 
There are numerous individual translators out there and translation agencies. How do you which one is the best? How do you know which one will give you the most value for your money? Legal translations are very sensitive and this is why it is a must to choose translators wisely.
Hire a professional
One of the things which you should never do is to hire a non-professional who is not a native speaker of the foreign language which you need to translate. Documents which are poorly translated or translated without quality can affect the outcome of a case. It could injure your company’s reputation and it can even elicit a class-action lawsuit.
Translation is more than just typing in another language
Do not make the mistake of thinking that translating legal documents in another language is just a process of typing in another language. It is more than that. Legal documents can be very complicated. Sometimes a case can just literally hang on one word. If that word is poorly translated or is translated wrongly, you could be in a lot of problem. For example, the word “guarantee” will not be translated “guarantee” in another language.
Hire specialists
Never have your legal documents translated by a “universal translator” or a “generalist”. This is because the legal field is a specialized field. It requires experts who have experience and degrees in the legal field and it involves the use of highly technical terms which the people off the street do not use. This is why you cannot rely on generalists, as well as software to do the translation for you. A sullied reputation is very difficult to repair and sometimes it just cannot be repaired. You certainly would not want you or your firm to be subjected to that.
Cheap and fast translation
Sometimes the temptation to cut costs can be very strong, especially if you are in a budget. However, doing so means subjecting yourself and your firm to many problems. You should look for a balance between the price paid, the turnaround time and the quality of the translation. Quality must always be balanced with speed and accurate results. If your company takes months to put together a legal document, shouldn’t the translator also show the same care and attention when translating your documents?
It is essential to preplan so that you and the translator’s efforts can be streamlined. Early on in your project, it is best to partner with a legal translation company to develop and work on a timeline. This way you can be assured that deadlines are met, research is conducted thoroughly and translation is done accurately.